About Us

Hi, I’m Casey and this is my blog. I’ve started this blog because as a brain cancer survivor, I have become quite thin. So, with that in mind, my family and I are looking through Cville for me to gain some weight. It’s not easy, but Cville has some great restaurants, great atmosphere, and great people. The right side of my body is mostly paralyzed, although that is slowly improving. This means we will rate restaurants not only for their food, but also their ease-of-access. I do not require a wheelchair (usually), but I do have a lot of issues walking. With me on my trek through Cville, my family will often be joining me.



⭐️⭐️Not bad





♿ Normal people struggle

♿♿ People with a cane struggle

♿♿♿ No wheelchair access

♿♿♿♿ Difficult wheelchair access

♿♿♿♿♿Easy with a wheelchair

(In the entrance, the tables, and the bathroom)

And if you’re wondering about the name…  Nomcology is a blend of noms, as in yes nom nom nom, and oncology, the medical classification for cancer patients.  Nomcology.  Yums for yucks, you might say.  Thanks for joining us.