Chapel Talk


At my school, the Miller School of Albemarle, all seniors have to give a speech to the entire school. Mine was yesterday (29 January 2019). Mine was about battling cancer.(who could guess?) I could say a lot, but it’s all in the speech. The only mention of food is the medical problems I have with it. Sorry.


6 thoughts on “Chapel Talk

  1. Casey,

    I loved hearing your speech on youtube! What a terrific chapel talk. You are making a difference in this world and others’ lives, including mine, by reminding us what is important in this life. I also love your restaurant reviews and have tried some of your recommendations. Hoping to see you one day soon. Best wishes as you finish your senior year.

    Adonice D’Atre

    *Adonice Carey D’Atre*

    * * *434.249.1004 (c)*


  2. Casey , your speech was very inspiring. We all have a bad day or strech of time where we are feeling down or uncomfortable with something in our lives. It could be an illness a disappointment or life isn’t going in the right direction. That speech could inspire just about anyone to get out of bed and change their lives for the better. Once they realize the headwinds they face are much less than your experience ( which I personally witnessed ) they just have to have faith in themselves and others for support and move in a different direction !! Garry


  3. That was an amazing speech. I think you are lucky to have so many good friends and of course a great family. You are an incredible person and I wish for you much love, continued recovery and happiness!!


  4. What a brave speech. You are quite a remarkable young man, Casey. We are fortunate to have your family in our circle of friends.


  5. Casey, please forgive my late reply.
    It is hard to put into words how this impacted me. I doubt that you remember me as I was only around you a few times when you and Zane were kids, playing with our twins who are a year younger.
    Life can be crazy (even crazier for some of us). I’ve gone through some trials, much different than yours, but difficult. I had always considered myself to be an empathetic and caring person, but personal challenges increased my empathy and interest in all types of people and situations, especially those going through difficulties due to disability or differences.
    I am proud of you. I am proud of your strength, intelligence and perseverance. It is not easy. Life is not easy. Some fail and others grow stronger because of it. You are obviously of the latter and I am proud to know you and witness the amazing young man that you have become.
    Keep persevering and inspiring others, as well as yourself, and I (we) hope to see you again the next time you are in Arizona.


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