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We’re back- finally. As school is on a brief break, I have finally had the time (and energy) to review another restaurant in C-Ville. I chose Mas, a Spanish tapas restaurant. Joining me is Mark Nizer, a professional juggler and good friend.  His juggling and humor are world class, but his stance on Star Trek leaves something to be desired (Voyager?  Really?  DS9 is clearly superior).

The first thing I noticed in Mas was the interesting interior, consisting of two floors. While we did get an entry floor table (the entrance is on the top floor) to make it easy for me, there are no reservations so there could be a chance that you may have to go down steps, so consider that if you are handicapped. I’m afraid I can’t give Mas a great rating on accessibility for that reason.  There is a handicapped parking space right next to the entrance, which is nice.

Mas is my favorite type of restaurant,  tapas, which are small dishes that are shared. We chose a few and then asked for the waitress to bring a number of interesting random dishes. We got a plate of chorizo sausage with bread and spicy pepper to start, which was spicy and tasty.  Next up, a bowl of brussels sprouts with parmesan and bacon oil was surprisingly tasty (although it can’t beat the sprouts from Parallel 38 – I guess they didn’t use enough bacon!).  The bowl of extremely soft baked tomatoes was probably my favorite dish (and Nizer’s, as well), although the temperature nearly burned our tongues.  The bowl of potato slices (with butter!) was tasty but nothing special (and also pretty hot).  The 4 whole squid with tomato sauce was very tasty if not a little dry.  The final main dish, a rare steak was perfect for me, not only because it was exceedingly rare, but also because it was oh so tender and sliced thinly so that my one-handed knife easily cut through it.  Finally, the dessert of apple pie was a nice closer, not too sweet and very sharp.  All in all, it was a very fun and tasty meal that was perfect for my re-entry into the blogging mindset.

Whole squid in tomato sauce
Potatoes and butter
Hot tomatoes in its own sauce
Brussel sprouts with parmesan and bacon oil
Chorizo sausage with bread and spicy pepper


Apple pie.



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Interesting, tasty, and exceedingly interesting food.

♿️ A risky gamble for the disabled.

The website for Mas is not working.


3 thoughts on “Mas

  1. Hi Casey ,
    Hope you are doing well ! I just read the review on Mas..I googled the meaning of MAS and it’s a text acronym for Mildly Amused Smirk.. I got the feeling you were “mildly” amused and “mildly” satisfied with the food at Mas.. I enjoyed the review and like you I enjoy a good piece of apple Pie! Take Care . Garry


  2. Hi Casey. As always, Many Thanks for the review.

    Where is Mas? What was the decor? And how attentive were the staff?

    I appreciate your explanation that you enjoy sharing small plates with a dining companion. With the controversy over the relative merits of the different Star Trek franchises, I an only imagine the discussion could get quite heated. Good times with a good pal like Nizer!

    Given your preference for small plates, is there any chance the could be a dim sum-tapas smack down edition of Nomcology at some future date?

    Regardless, I’m still looking forward to a C-ville visit and a personal guided gastromic tour.

    Best Wishes. Fred


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