Ten Out of 10

To celebrate my return to school, my family and I went to one of my very favorite restaurants in Charlottesville, Ten, a high-end sushi restaurant on the downtown mall. Ten, while not my absolute favorite restaurant overall, it is my favorite sushi restaurant in Charlottesville. It had been many years since I had been there and I was quite excited to see whether or not it still held up to my memory.

My brother had the Spicy Toro Roll (raw marbled tuna) and the Sake Roll (raw salmon). My dad had the Miso Sea Bass, the Hotate Sashimi (raw scallop), the Suzuki Sashimi (raw sea bass), and the Oh Toro (raw marbled tuna). My mom had the Stella Blue Crab Roll and Tempura Avocado with Sweet Aioli. For some absurd reason, my mother does not appreciate the superiority of uncooked fish. Heathen. I had the Negi Toro (raw marbled tuna roll), the Unagi Sansho (raw eel), and the Teka Maki (raw tuna). My brother and I shared a pot of hot green rice tea. For dessert, we shared the Vietnamese Coffee Milkshake and Orange Ginger Beignets, and also the Warm Chocolate Cake with Matcha Powder, Chocolate Crumbles, and Vanilla Ice Cream. The food was excellent, just like I remembered. My personal favorite was the rich raw tuna, although I truly enjoyed everything, even the cooked fish. The tea that my brother and I shared was very tasty. The rice gave it a lot of depth, with the addition of a sort of earthiness. Desserts were really interesting and I quite enjoyed them. While I am not a huge fan of coffee, I did quite enjoy the cake and ice cream. My brother thinks that the beignets are the best dessert in Charlottesville. While I’m not sure I would go that far, it is very interesting and extremely tasty.

The reason that it had taken me so long to return to Ten is because it is not only in the middle of the downtown mall, but it is also only accessible via a whole flight of stairs. The long walk and stairs made me unable to access it, until very recently. It was truly a celebration of my return to school. My school is not exactly wheelchair-friendly. Indeed, my school has an abundance of stairs and a lack of elevators. Interestingly, I did actually find an elevator by the restrooms, and when I asked a waitress she said that it is no longer functioning. Apparently there is no longer a bottom floor for the elevator, just open space. Anyway, Ten was extremely tasty, definitely worth a bit of exercise for my visit.

Tempura Avocado with Sweet Aioli
Three Sashimis (scallop, bass, tuna)
Marbled Tuna Rolls, Salmon Rolls, Eel Rolls, Tuna Rolls, Sea Bass, and Super Rich Marbled Tuna – oh yeah!
Marbled Tuna Rolls, Salmon Rolls, Eel Rolls, Tuna Rolls, Sea Bass, and Super Rich Marbled Tuna- alt view
Warm Chocolate Cake with Matcha Powder, Chocolate Crumbles and Vanilla Ice Cream
Vietnamese Coffee Milkshake and Orange Ginger Beignets

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ excellent, interesting.

♿️♿️ very inaccessible. Lots of stairs.


6 thoughts on “Ten

  1. Hi Casey, my eldest son would love this, and the pictures are great (as always). Even though I’m not a sushi fan (gasp!) I had to comment because the tempura and desserts look tasty. It’s great that you were finally able to go back to Ten, but I can imagine how frustrating it must have been to wait. Cheers to making it up those steps!


  2. Hey Casey. Sounds absolutely delicious. Hope you’ll let me take you and your bro next time I come down to Cville. Keep those reviews coming!


  3. Hi Casey .. happy to hear you and the family enjoyed the sushi 🍣 atTen ..I think you certainly deserve a Ten for the trek up the stairs to the dining room ..Hapoy to hear you returned to school ..Cheers !! Garry


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