Sedona Taphouse

Garfield is impressed.

On my way to, again, get my computer repaired, I had my typical lunch on Monday in town. Steak. Why am I spoiling myself, you ask? It’s because Sedona offers a six dollar steak. Every Monday. My wallet is drooling with me. They even donate one of their dollars to a rotating charity. This month, that’s the downside, for me at least (we’ll get to that). My mom, sister, and myself all ordered this, with a range of choices. My sister had it cooked fully, my mom had it medium, and I had it fully rare. In addition, my mom got the “Wild Man Sauce” (mushrooms and gorgonzola cream sauce) and my sister got chimichurri sauce, which is garlic cilantro. I kept my steak plain. I hate mushrooms, so my moms was out for me, but I did like the chimichurri sauce. Although Sedona has a reputation for their beer, it was 12 o’clock. Lunchtime. Also I am underage (in this country). Instead we got a “cactus lemonade,”which uses cacti to sweeten the lemonade. Despite only costing six dollars, all of us really loved our steaks, even those who had theirs cooked too much. The mashed potatoes, included in the deal, we’re very good as well. The lemonade was good too, if maybe a little sweet for me. Overall Sedona is a good restaurant, with a fantastic deal. I’m only sorry about it being so packed now that UVA is back in session. My only issue this month is that the donation is to UVA hospital. I, who spend a lot of time at UVA, who know how mis-managed it is, know that UVA is not worthy of this deal. Next month they will hopefully choose a better recipient for their donation.

Well done with chimichurri sauce
Cooked medium with wild man sauce
Done right (rare) with no sauce
Cactus lemonade

Sedona’s website

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ unbelievable price

♿️♿️♿️♿️ A little difficult with the main doorway, other than that it’s easy

5 thoughts on “Sedona Taphouse

  1. Although I don’t live close enough to try your suggestions I’m enjoying the read. Thanks, keep up the great reviews.


  2. Casey ..I also enjoy steak night at the taphouse, I agree you get an excellent steak for six dollars and I love the mashed potatoes… As an avid beer lover, I highly recommend the beer selection at Sedona. I recall they have about 20 beers on tap, plus additional beers in cans and bottles.
    Cheers!! Garry


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