As I am always entering or exiting UVA hospital, I spend a lot of time eating in Barrack’s Road. Right in the new building is Cava, A new mediterranean fast food restaurant that I decided to try out. Ever since Aromas left the shopping center, i’ve been missing song easy Mediterranean food. Aromas was my favorite restaurant in Barracks, so a lot was riding on this new place. First of all, it is not a sitdown restaurant. It is affectively a Mediterranean chipotle, like a high end cafeteria (we have the menu if you would like to see it). I had a pita wrap with braised lamb for my meat, along with tzatziki, harissa, and ‘crazy feta’ (whatever that means) as my sauces. I also got shredded romaine and squeezed lemon wedges as my toppings, with rice to hold it all together. My mom got a bowl with braised Lamb, tzatziki sauce, red pepper hummus, diced cucumbers, Pita crisps, and the seasonal topping (white beans). Both were very good. My wrap was very difficult to eat, that was mostly my fault for getting too many ingredients (but it all looked so good). When they say spicy they do mean spicy, but I really liked it. My mom also ordered too many ingredients but loved the food. Honestly the biggest problem was my own in getting too many ingredients. Bo Burnham said it Best. I should have listened. It can be a little difficult for people in a wheelchair to get their own food calm but it’s worth the hardship.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ hard to contain myself.

♿️♿️♿️ fare away bathroom and parking, but everything is flat.

Bowl with Saffron rice, splendid Greens, red pepper hummus, tzatziki sauce, braised lamb, diced cucumbers, white beans, and pita crisps.
Pita wrap with braised lame, tzatziki sauce, crazy feta, harissa sauce, shredded romaine, kalamata olives, and lemon wedges.

8 thoughts on “Cava

  1. Did you hear about the CAVA location on corner of Emmet and Barracks Road where there is seated eating both inside and outside. Parking (though limited) is right on same ground level entrance. If you miss the turn west from Emmet 29 North, at the next traffic light at Bodo’s turn right, past English Inn. At stop sign turn right onto Meadowbrook Road that will take you lead you back to shopping center entrance & CAVA close to Barracks Road. Then it’s an easier turn onto Barracks Road to lead you back home!


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