Parallel 38



For my celebration for my acceptance to the Wilson Workforce Rehabilitation Center, my family and I went to my personal favorite restaurant, Parallel 38. It can be difficult to get a close parking spot so I have to dock some ♿️ points. Most of  the seats are on the second floor with no elevator. But it is worth it (at least for me). To start, we got the same thing that we always get, the ‘Spread Three’ of the ‘Spreads and Dips’. We got hummus, tapenade, and tzatziki. With their soft, tasty bread it’s heaven from the get go. Parallel 38’s style is Mediterranean, small dish, tapas meals that are great for sharing. My mom ordered Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. My dad ordered the Grilled Octopus Salad and the Boquerones (white anchovies with citrus).  I ordered the Sirloin Steak and the Skewered Chicken with Feta Yogurt. Before I dive into each, just know that there wasn’t anything  that I didn’t love. Though it’s hard to beat the ‘Spread Three’, the Octopus Salad was a surprise and came close. The mandarins were impossibly juicy and went surprisingly well with the octopus. The steak is consistently great as they they have great beef that they don’t cook too much (I get it fully rare). That anchovies, too, were tasty and perfectly salty. Even the Brussels Sprout Salad was great, something that’s hard to do for brussels. 38 was and still is my favorite restaurant in CVille. Just extremely tasty.  (menu)

Stairs, long walk. ♿️♿️♿️
 Just the best restaurant in CVille. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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7 thoughts on “Parallel 38

  1. How do we not know about this??!! Kim and I have been to Charlottesville many (a lot) over the last ten years, yet we haven’t been P38. From your mouth watering description, we will certainly seek it out on the next stay. Can’t wait to try the octo!

    Love some Nom-cology!


  2. I’m a beer and pizza guy but you peaked my interest with the steak , chicken skewer and spread 3 ..will check out Parallel 38 the next time I’m in Cville !!


  3. We are going to eat our way through Charlottesville on our next visit using your guidance, Casey. Thanks for sharing your experiences, which are both informative and fun to read.


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