The Rooftop

RooftopDinner with a View

For my second blog, We went to The Rooftop, an upscale restaurant and bar in Crozet. This is a relatively new place, and we have never been there. First of all the two things that you notice when you walk in are that the view is gorgeous, and that the floors are rather slippery. Despite that I was able to navigate it. The building was relatively easy for me to sit down. I had the Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio, which was excellent, very thin beef, raw, with a surprisingly interesting horseradish cream sauce. My mom got the Bucatini, which she thought was quite odd, with a Strange mix of ingredients, including the pistachio pesto, but it ended up working very well. As a “shareable side dish” we got the Mini ‘Loaded Bakers, A selection of small baked potatoes with quite a lot of toppings. They were, as the rest of the food, very interesting and very tasty. All in all, The restaurant was very well received and being right by my school (Miller School) I’m pretty sure I will return.

Scrumptious, interesting, with a great view. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.



One thought on “The Rooftop

  1. Hi – I live on Road an (I know you used to live him a while back). As you know, food choices are really limited here so I enjoy “almost” eating everything that you are trying – your descriptions are very details so I can almost taste your selections.

    I would like to “virtually” try something that is typical in your State in a fairly rustic, outdoor setting. Looking forward to experiencing it.

    Thank you so much.



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