First Post – Zocalo


Resting on their laurels?

So for the first restaurant I went to, me and my parents went to Zocalo, on the downtown mall. This restaurant has won best restaurant for C-Ville multiple times, but not for several years, so we wanted to see what was up. Getting to the restaurant was a bit difficult (for me) just because of the distance and uneven ground to the restaurant. However, actually entering the restaurant was a breeze and for accessibility I give it five stars. The food was… disappointing. This used to be one of my mothers favorite restaurants in C-Ville, so we were expecting a lot. For an appetizer, we had the Artisan Cheese plate, and it was actually pretty good. My main issue with it is that all of the cheese sauces were very sweet. I would have liked it if at least one of the sauces was not so sweet. Our main courses were the chili broth steamed mussels and the pulled pork flautas with a side of green chili and goat cheese couscous. None were disgusting, but none of them were really interesting. Particularly the pork was very bland. The couscous was tasteless without the red sauce that the waiter brought, which is normally served with the salmon. I give it two stars, and if I didn’t have the cheese appetizer, it would be down another half a star. This is definitely not a place I want to return to.

Not terrible but bland.⭐️⭐️

Good inside, long distance to travel outside of your car.♿️♿️♿️♿️


Chili broth steamed mussels                                               Pork flautas & couscous

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