4 thoughts on “Eating My Way Past Cancer

  1. This is awesome Casey and very informative! Glad that you are getting your taste for food back and it’s so cool that you are doing this blog. The accessibility is nice to know about too! Wonder if we will get a good eatery in Free Union?


  2. Hi Casey. I am following you now and hoping for your improved strength and continued recovery from your cancer journey.


  3. Casey, I am very much enjoying reading your posts about the restaurants you are trying and reviewing, and hearing about your eating experiences! I have not heard of several of them, and now I’ll have to try them too:) It’s especially heartening to hear that you are out there “eating your way past cancer!!!” You go, Casey!! We’ve been praying and cheering for you and will continue to do so. Your Neighbor, Dale


  4. Hi Casey. Saw the clip on Chanel 29 News. Love your take on cancer treatment.

    My son had emergency brain surgery and subsequent chemo at UVA for non-hodgkins lymphoma starting the summer of his Junior year at CHS. He’s graduating college this year–working this summer at a downtown C-ville restaurant. Grateful to have an ordinary life back.

    Food really became important during that intense time. I particularly remember a delicious pasta we shared at Bella’s and a curry at Pad Thai. We bought one of Otto Lenghi’s cook books, learned about exotic spices, and cooked our way through it.

    Thanks for the restaurant tips–there were several I’d never heard of.
    All the best,


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